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PRESS PLAY to start MIND PALACE RADIO! this isn't your GRANDMA's RADIO STATION. THE SCOOP 7/23/22 | hey guys i haven't updated this site in a while hello how are you doing... i've been doing artfight that's right militarywifeluvr on artfight please check it out :)
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my little corner of the internet...

just kidding it's quite large and impressive

you have reached ramón's mind palace

i am very happy you're here :) this website is under construction but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

my plan essentially is to make a bunch of pages (maybe even articles. call them love letters) dedicated to things i like. maybe even write extended articles on my thoughts on subjects such as art, (pop) culture, music i'm listening to, et cetera. and a page full of recipes i like and one for shit quality pirated movies... maybe you'll like them too

the author of this good website

my interests: new wave, disco, animatronics, wristwatches, church history, ukagaka/virtual assistants, moe anthropomorphism, mid-century graphic design, media junk food, looking at other people's personal websites

my tragic backstory: i was born in 2004, year of the monkey... i first "learned" html in middle school but fell out of it. if i stuck to my guns i could have made some bitching tumblr themes but the cards did not fall that way. today i'm returning to my vague computer science roots and i'm now realizing that i know very little about it because i dedicated so much time to not paying attention in class because i was too busy drawing an eye

speaking of which, here are my art-related social medias. i want my "studio" page to be used to document my creative processes and less presentable drawings